The Benefits of Prebiotics

The Benefits of Prebiotics

In recent years, you've likely heard the terms "prebiotics" and "probiotics" countless times. If you’re still not sure what they mean, the main idea is that prebiotics and probiotics can be used to keep the good gut bacteria balanced.

Probiotics, or beneficial bacteria, have been hailed as the ultimate support for the immune and digestive systems, however, probiotics would not be effective without prebiotics. Prebiotics are food ingredients that fuel the probiotics you consume and good bacteria in your gut.

Prebiotic fibers are found in foods like cranberries, bananas, onions, garlic, the skin of apples, and many others. Prebiotic fibers go through the small intestine undigested and are fermented by gut bacteria when they reach the large colon. These prebiotic fibers feed and stimulate growth of the good bacteria in our guts and are associated with better health.

A new laboratory study suggests that a carbohydrate found in cranberries may have prebiotic benefits for beneficial gut bacteria. Most plant cell walls are indigestible, and cranberries contain a special type of carbohydrate called xyloglucans that good gut bacteria utilize as an energy source.

More data is required to find out what exact role cranberries might play in gut health, but with its inherent powerful nutrients and well-documented health benefits, there’s no debate that cranberry can play an important role in a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

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